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About Us

Established in 2006, Eleni's Village Suites is based, in more ways than one, on family. Built on family land, Eleni's Village Suites is located directly behind the owner's childhood home. While this land was used primarily for the grazing of goats and sheep, it became the perfect spot for the children to get together and play by riding donkeys, picking flowers, or just plain roaming free.

Years passed and lives changed but one thing remained true; this land would always remain a sort of 'home away from home'.

So, when the time came for tentative plans for the land to be made, the owner decided to pay tribute to his fond memories by naming Eleni's Village Suites after both his mother and daughter. His hope was that new and wonderful memories would continue to be formed on this, his favorite, home away from home.

This is why we here at Eleni's Village Suites open our home, and our hearts, to our guests with an invitation to join our family for your holiday. Let our beloved home away from home become yours as well!

"Home is a spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer sweeter spot than all the rest."
-Robert Montgomery


Much unlike any other Greek Island, Mykonos is very versatile in nature in that it has something to offer every type of guest. Whether it's a desire for secluded beaches and romantic dinners, beachside party atmosphere and world famous nightlife, archaeological sites and historic excursions, water sports and camping, or a glamorous cosmopolitan experience, Mykonos certainly has something unique to offer. Whatever the demand, be sure that Eleni's Village Suites will help to plan a perfect and quite unforgettable holiday here in Mykonos.


Just a few short minutes' drive from town, Eleni's Village Suites is located in central Mykonos Island - making it optimal for our adventurous and independent guests.

Our guests are afforded the luxury of experiencing Mykonos Island in its entirety with the added bonus of a peaceful retreat awaiting back at our home here at Eleni's Village Suites.

A Note: Windsurfing Enthusiasts- Eleni's Village Suites is just a distant view, and a short ride, to renowned Ftelia beach. Keep sights set on those windy Mykonian days!!

Wind report for Greece - Ftelia


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  • Approximately 3km from town
  • Approximately 3km from airport
  • Approximately 3 km from port
  • Approximately 1 km from Ftelia beach